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Images • Poetry • Scriptures

Unique Design ~

End Table Book      Listening Like Breathing was purposely designed to occupy that special spot on your end table, the one next to your couch, overstuffed chair, or that white wicker loveseat in the sunroom. At your home or office, Listening Like Breathing will catch the eye of your guests and draw them into a peaceful time of inspiration.

     Shape – Square

     Size – 7″ x 7″

     Texture – Flat Finish, Soft to the Touch

Unique Backstory ~

The Inspiration      While writing his first book, The Grace of Rain, Kirk chose to be more attentive to one of its themes, “Listen through the arts.” This lead to a series of poems birthed out of meditating on the unique images he captured while pursuing his passion for photography.

The Photography      All the striking images in Listening Like Breathing were taken by the author with his everyday iPhone 6, enhanced by the reach of Moment Inc. iPhone wide angle and telephoto lenses.

The Locations      Another of the themes Kirk was living out from The Grace of Rain was, “Practice the presence of God right where you are every day.” All the photographs that God used to inspire the poetry and scripture choices in this book were taken within five miles of the authors home – the simple yet striking land and sky around Amarillo, Texas.

Continuing The Unique Theme ~

God Is Speaking . . .      The Grace of Rain introduced the use of poetry as a potential artistic devotional source – “God is speaking, are we listening? Poetry and More to Quiet the Noise.” Listening Like Breathing adds Images to that theme.

The assumptions are the same . . .      God promises us that He is always speaking, and if we will, by faith, step away from the distraction of our media-saturated culture and listen, we can hear his voice and follow his loving lead. In this unique collection of images, poetry, and scriptures, Kirk Manton offers us more tools to help us in our daily quiet pursuit of intimacy with God.


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