Amos 3 – 5

4:8,9,10 and 11 “Yet you have not returned to Me…..”     5:4 “Seek Me that you may live…”

In chapter four for four consecutive verses in a sad, poetic rhythm our Father through Amos repeats a tragic refrain. He laments to them that in their times of discipline, of reaping what they have sown, they have still not returned to him.  He goes on in chapter five to say, “Seek me now…”. As if shouting to a deaf people, “I am the true one you are seeking in your false gods, the one you rejected long ago and you can still find me, even now you can live, but don’t wait too long.”

Thank you Lord that you came to us, in Christ, so that we can find you and that when we find you and truly see who you are we find life. Once we have you Lord help us not to neglect looking to you in us as the source of all life. When we drift, let us return and how wonderful it is that that seeking to return need not be long at all for when we are in you, you are always here.

Today when I find my attention has drifted I will return…