Today my reading took me from Luke 9:12 to Luke 10:38, finishing with Jesus telling the story of the good Samaritan. We have probably all heard this parable from the perspective of the lawyer who was grilling Jesus about the finer points of, “What must I do to inherit eternal life?”. His aggressive response to Jesus was a follow up question, that went something like this, “Well then, if I must, ‘Love my neighbor as myself’, then who is my neighbor”? Today I saw Jesus’ answer from a different perspective, from the point of view of two other people undoubtedly included in the crowd, sitting around listening in, namely, The Sons of Thunder, James and John.

What did these two zealous fellows hear as the story came to it’s unlikely ending and Jesus asked the question, “Who was a neighbor to the man.” The obvious answer was “a Good Samaritan”! I wonder if Jesus, at that moment, did not slowly turn and catch the eyes of the two disciples who had, just one chapter before, asked him if he wanted them to call fire and brimstone down from heaven and consume a “Samaritan” village. Some there had not been “good neighbors”. They had refused to offer them hospitality as they were on their way to Jerusalem. Was Jesus also saying to James and John, and us, what He was saying to the Lawyer? Show mercy to those in need. They are your neighbor, and repeating again what He taught on the hillside “love your enemies….”

What did God show you today from His word?, a Good Samaritan

*For anyone who does not understand the Mr. Rogers’ reference please watch this video