The Grace of Rain goes on sales today. Here are three great reasons to buy the book TODAY:


1. Maximize The Marketing Impact of Your Purchase (Amazon is counting*).

2. Get a Free Kindle Version (last day & you don’t have to have a Kindle device to use**).

3. Get a 10% REBATE and free autographed bookmarks (when purchasing 3 or more print copies of the book***).



* If you are planning to buy The Grace of Rain, buying them today will maximize the marketing that Amazon will do for the book. Amazon counts everything and especially the sales on the first day. Those numbers will set the book’s initial rating within its search category and move it up the offer queue. So, by purchasing The Grace of Rain today, you will be giving the book a fighting chance to get noticed amidst those big publishing company marketing campaigns. Thanks for joining our support team!


**This is the last day to get your free Kindle version with your purchase of one or more print copies of The Grace of Rain. After you complete your purchase of the print version, navigate back to the book detail page and the Kindle price will have changed to $0.00. You can then order one Kindle version for FREE. This offer will end tomorrow.  Also, if you do not have a Kindle device you can still read the Kindle version on  your computer or your smart phone with the free downloadable Kindle app. Just click on the, “Read with our Free App” link, under the Kindle purchase button, to get help installing the free app. Enjoy taking The Grace of Rain with you, everywhere you go.


***Purchase 3 or more printed copies of The Grace of Rain (they make great Christmas gifts) and I will mail you a check for 10% of the total purchase price (less any tax and shipping cost) and one free autographed bookmark for every book purchased. Just email me a copy of your sales receipt email, plus a copy of your delivery confirmation email from Amazon or a picture of the shipping label on the box your books are delivered in, and I will mail you your rebate check and autographed bookmarks. The purchases must be completed and not canceled in order to receive your rebate. The receipt must be dated on or before today, 12-1-16, to be eligible. Purchases of 3 or more print copies of The Grace of Rain made during the pre-order period will also be eligible for this rebate offer.


If you have any questions about any of these offers please email me at kirkmanton@gmail.com

Thank you for being a part of celebrating

Launch Day for The Grace of Rain


Save The Date: Book Launch Party — live music, art show, poetry reading and more.  Sunday night December 11th, 6:30pm, at Amarillo College. More details coming soon….