Now I lay me down to sleep,
I find no rest, through cracks it seeps.
If I shall die before I wake,
all that I’ve built, cold time will take.

If, “Nothing after death” is true
no pleasure, joy or peace is due.
If on the other side, He’s real,
all that I’ve done my fate will seal.

As I drift off, these thoughts drift in,
carried on some dark foul wind.
My doors are shut and windows fast.
Still, through my soul, deep shadows cast.

Each morning comes with less relief.
Now days are minefields, night’s a thief.

Why such a dark poem so close to Christmas?

Why not something more joyful? Because Joy is real and all the more joyful when we remember where we’ve come from! One of the most joyful moments in film has got to be Christmas morning in the movie, A Christmas Carol.  The dancing thrill and giddy release of happiness when Scrooge realized that he was still alive – still fills me with joy, even as I write this blog. That experience for Scrooge and us would not be the same if it had not been for the dark “Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come.”


Can Bring Us To This

When We Remember, Christ Has Set Us Free

Have a very Merry Christmas and “…God Bless Us Every One.”