January is quickly coming to a close. It’s time for all us normally unromantic types to start planning ahead.  This year Valentine’s day can be different. Start now looking for that just right Valentine’s day card, that perfect restaurant, and that moonlight drive spot to give that card to your special someone.  If your not hip, you can at least be prepared, impress them with how much you love them by showing them you planned ahead! You were thinking about them a month early!

I will be giving you some help here.  For the next four weeks or so, I will be featuring more Valentine’s day mBot cards on The Thread. Also, keep your eyes on The House of muse store at www.kirkmanton.com/the-house-of-muse.  For the rest of the month, muse will be creating new mBots with a “Be My Valentine” theme. You can pick out your cards, email me your order (kirkmanton@gmail.com) and come February 14th you will be the romantic hero!

Heart Fingers On!

PS – The rest of your regular friends and family would love to get little Valentine’s day cards from you as well. Especially your MOM!