• Initial Filming Complete

It is wonderful to report that the initial filming of Mary’s testimony and the four worldviews sessions is complete.  The live college audience hosted by the NORTH College and Career Ministry was great. Thank you so much, Daniel Proffitt and Beth Talli and all the NORTH student leadership for all your help. The turnout was perfect and the students were very receptive and engaging. What a wonderful group you have. We look forward to working with you all again in the future.

  • Small Group Expert Joins The Team

We are proud to announce that small group expert, creator of “The world’s most popular communication game,” The Ungame (over 4 million sold – Translated into 14 languages) has joined our production team. Rhea Zakich will be consulting with us on crafting the questions for each video segment to maximise small group engagement and impact. Welcome to the team Rhea.

  • Next Stop – Filming Southern California

The next phase of filming will take place with Mary on her home campus of Claremont University. Early in April, our production team will travel to Southern California and film Mary introductions and closing challenges to each segment. Please continue to pray for God’s favour in all aspects of this vital endeavour.

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