It’s time for another Kirk Manton travel adventure blog series, poorly done from the heart!

As to what to expect in this series, I will be taking my style from my dear personal (long dead, never met) British author friend (hero), who said,

“If a thing is worth doing, it is worth doing badly.”

G.K. Chesterton (What’s Wrong with the World, 1910)

And be assured, this will be written badly; composed badly, posted inconsistently, documented weakly, punctuated haphazardly (way too many commas) because, people, face to face, are important (sorry my cyber friends, I’ll do what I can)!

Day 2 Bullet Point Blog:

  • Sunday night I arrived in Orange County California, my old home – for better and for worst, the paradise of growing up (1960 [9yrs old] – 2001). Right out of the shoot of the shoot I forgot to take any pictures during the whole first day! I was caught up in my responsibilities with a video shoot and did not think about prepare for to fulfill my blog responsibilities – way too many “responsibilities” this is supposed to be a vacation (whatever that means).
  • Disclaimer – all the pictures in this post are representations to the people and the activities that happened on my first day of this adventures but were taken at other times. Just to be clear and not misleading.
  • Great to be welcomed home by my amazing Mother!
  • Day 1 was great! I had set aside 3 days to shoot the Ins and Outs (the intros and outros [is outro a word?] for the Worldview Project with Dr. Mary Poplin – good news! we finished it all in ONE DAY! Wow, what a blessing. What a team! Ralph Linhardt, Matt Rowley, and Mary cranked it out!
  • Even with the scripting and shoot of 14 ins and outs we still had time to spend a couple hours having lunch with Steve Elmore (CSLF VP!) and scouting the location for the upcoming C.S. Lewis Foundation, Southern California, Faculty Form / C.S. Lewis event (September 20,21 this year). We went an scoped out the facility at Cal. Poly Pomona (My brother Eric’s alma mater).  That in itself was a great time. I so look forward to leading the tech team for that event. Bag End here we come!
  • Two Free Days – That leaves me now with two unexpected free days in hang with the peeps.
  • Today will be the chance to give Matt Rowley the tour of Kirk Manton’s Orange County.  And, with the Lord’s grace, we will get some fellowship time with some great people: Ralph, Jock, My Dad (Roger Manton) and possibly Father Scott Borgman (if he is free at all).  First stop, breakfast at the world famous Charlies Chili at the base of the New Port Beach Pier (see pictures) – HERE WE GO!….