It’s over, but…

Valentines Day has passed, but... We are now looking forward to other significant dates on the calendar; Good Friday, Easter, Tax Day, etc. But let us never forget, it is always a good day to say "I love you!" And let us keep saying it in many new ways. Recently I worked a marriage [...]

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A Billion, But One.

At night, how do you know the Sun is still there? We lie on our back alone and there are a billion stars to capture our imagination, to feed our imagination and tell us stories of love and wonders. But there is only one that sustains us, gives life. and sustains our days. But in the night [...]

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Heart Hands

January is quickly coming to a close. It's time for all us normally unromantic types to start planning ahead.  This year Valentine's day can be different. Start now looking for that just right Valentine's day card, that perfect restaurant, and that moonlight drive spot to give that card to your special someone.  If your [...]

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Lil Pi Do

Do you remember when you last fancied yourself the tough guy, the beautiful princess, or the handsome, suave and self-confident race car driver? That was me, the race car driver, when I was an insecure adolescent, not comfortable in my own skin. I don't know about you, but even now, as a senior adult I can [...]

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World’s Worst Pirate, by muse

May 2018 be the year that you blaze your own trail, that you lean into the wind with your head held high, and smile, no matter what the cynics say! Here is my haiku poem to go along with this wonderful cartoon - Other buccaneers laughing at the trade I made - jealous of [...]

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2017 Done – Still Stand’n

Still Stand'n, is one of my favourite mBot cartoons. I guess that is why I went a little bit crazy with the haiku poems. Or perhaps it is because there are so many life experiences that deserve an "I am standing still" ending! I really feel that muse has captured that triumphantly defiant attitude in [...]

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To close this first Christmas mBot series I give you the gift worth Re-Gifting. At Christmas, Jesus was given to us. Then went He went on to give Himself for us because the Father Loved Us – First! This is my commandment, That ye love one another, as I have loved you. (John 15:12 KJV) [...]

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Cheat Season

As the 2017 diet season comes to a close and the wonderful smells of Christmas baking fills the air, is it time to set aside our reason and step into this short sweat diet cheat season? YES, if for no other reason than when we are done stuffing ourselves with sticky buns, pumpkin muffins, [...]

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Topping the Tree

  I misplaced the star that once stood on our tree, guess this thing will do? - K The Haiku* is my interpretation of the mBot cartoon by muse.** Comment with your own interpretive Haiku!  * Haiku: a traditional Japanese poetry form - 3 lines, 17 syllables, 5/7/5  **muse: is the [...]

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