Heroes Still?

The prequel to my January 29th poem, In Search Of Heros. HEROES STILL? When I was young, and  throughout my life I've loved the tales of men ready for strife, the kings and squires and the knights of old, valiant stout men, who were fearless and bold. Drawn by their virtues, to which [...]

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Heroes Now

IN SEARCH OF HEROES Now that I'm older; in the second half of life, my ambitions bolder; children, family and wife. Different heroes I now claim. Those I seek to admire. Their virtues, the same. Their focus, much higher. Like knights who did battle, Fear, temptation and doubt, for those thought just chattel, fought day [...]

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East Wind

EAST WIND The east wind chills as it sweeps out the scars of the beautiful surface, still new. He's opening the ice rink alone… Forty three seasons, she'd always found a way to be there by his side, that is until today. None of them will notice. They'll all just pass on through. No [...]

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Home in “The House of Christmas”

It's Christmas, the day is here and I'm praying it finds you at HOME! In this week's poem, G. K. Chesterton explores again, Christmas and man's true home. I hope you enjoy journeying to the manger and unravelling the mysteries you'll find there. The House Of Christmas There fared a mother driven [...]

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