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Mary Poplin Worldsview Project Update – Feb 26th 2018

Initial Filming Complete It is wonderful to report that the initial filming of Mary's testimony and the four worldviews sessions is complete.  The live college audience hosted by the NORTH College and Career Ministry [...]

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Heroes Now

IN SEARCH OF HEROES Now that I'm older; in the second half of life, my ambitions bolder; children, family and wife. Different heroes I now claim. Those I seek to admire. Their virtues, the same. [...]

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C.S.Lewis Foundation’s Oxbridge 2017 Lecture #2

"Our Universal Vocation as Homo Viator: The Quest for Heaven" - Joseph Pearce The Oxbridge 2017 theme was, “Irrigating Deserts & Cultivating Gardens: Pursuing Calling with Purpose & Hope” Joseph Pearce is a [...]

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East Wind

EAST WIND The east wind chills as it sweeps out the scars of the beautiful surface, still new. He's opening the ice rink alone… Forty three seasons, she'd always found a way to be [...]

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Heart Hands

January is quickly coming to a close. It's time for all us normally unromantic types to start planning ahead.  This year Valentine's day can be different. Start now looking for that just right Valentine's [...]

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Lil Pi Do

Do you remember when you last fancied yourself the tough guy, the beautiful princess, or the handsome, suave and self-confident race car driver? That was me, the race car driver, when I was an insecure adolescent, [...]

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To close this first Christmas mBot series I give you the gift worth Re-Gifting. At Christmas, Jesus was given to us. Then went He went on to give Himself for us because the Father [...]

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Afternoon On The Square

Saturday, December 9th Don't miss a great afternoon on the square: Lunch Coffee Dessert Poetry Reading (starts at 1:00 pm) and Book Signing (ends at 3:00 pm) Click [...]

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Topping the Tree

  I misplaced the star that once stood on our tree, guess this thing will do? - K The Haiku* is my interpretation of the mBot cartoon by muse.** Comment with your own [...]

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